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Wireless Train Dispatching System

Networking mode:

    This system is used for railway communication and adopts a combination of wired and wireless networking. The mode of communication among the station platform, locomotive platform and portable platform is wireless (small triangle system);The wired channel from dispatching station platform to station platform is composed of digital circuits or four-wire audio channels.

    The communication mode - “the grand triangle system”  as shown in figure 1:


Figure 1: schematic diagram of grand and small triangular communication 

1. Composition and function of small triangle system:


    The small triangle system is composed of the communications among the station radios, cab radios and portable radio , as shown in figure 2:


Figure. 2 composition diagram


1、The station radio make calls to the locomotive driver and the adjacent station.

2、Station radio calls driver.

3、Station radio is being called by the driver / adjacent station.

4、Station radios make calls to handset

5、The station radio is being called by handset

2. Composition and function of grand triangle system:


    The grand triangle system is composed of the communications among the station radios , locomotive radios and dispatching switchboard, as shown in figure 3:


Figure. 3 composition diagram


1、Dispatching switchboard selects the stations and make call to locomotive radios

2、Dispatching switchboard makes full call to locomotive radios

3、Locomotive radios make call dispatching switchboard

4、Dispatching notice

5、Dispatching switchboard selects the stations and makes call to station radios

6、Station radios make call to dispatching radio