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    TETRA digital trunking communication standard is a kind of wireless trunking mobile communication system based on TDMA technology. Tetra system is a standard-based open system designed by ET51 to satisfy the mobile communication needs of the specialized institutions in all the european countries. This system not only provide the multi-group dispatching, but also provide short date message service,  packet data service and digitalize full duplex mobile telephone service. The TETRA system also supports powerful DMO mode.

    TCB 712 have been engaged in communication system with a wealth of history and experience, we own a strong team and large accumulation of TETRA technology. The company took the lead in developing Portable Handset, Vehicle Radio and Station Base inChinaindependently. The system has been successfully applied to army, police, mines, railways, airports, large works, business and other areas in china and abroad. We provide variety of solutions to all users in different areas, and we made a lot of new ideas and applications to meat the communication requirements in various fields.


We provide you with the TETRA:

    Steady      Reliable

    Secure      Efficient

    Convenient   Intelligent


All the interface structure is based on TCP/IP

Distributed exchange

Link diversity

Flexible topology

High-redundancy, reduction in rank to operate