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Railway Radio Plane Shunting/Marshaling system

System overview

    Plane shunting/marshaling system applies for shunting operation at railway yard. The system forms a communication channel among shunting operators, locomotive drivers and shunting area masters, so that voice and shunting operation instructions can be accurately transmitted in this channel. The system transmits the voice signals (calls) as well as the shunting operation instructions (data).

    The portable locomotive station radio is an important part of the system, used by the driver during shunting operation. Model 4011C the portable locomotive station radio is used for receiving various shunting operation instructions sent by shunting crew members, and give signal light display, voice prompt in time and carry out instruction return simultaneously through the judgment of the internal microprocessor. The driver will see the light and listen to the voice, while the returning instructions will make shunting crew members clearly understand the running status of the locomotives and know that the instructions were reliably received. The portable locomotive station radio also allows the driver to communicate with the shunting crew.

Working principle:

    The users of the plane shunting/marshaling system are the locomotive driver, the dispatching director, the shunter and the brakeman.

    The whole system consists of three parts: locomotive equipment, fixed equipment and mobile equipment.

    The composition of the three major parts as follows:

Locomotive equipment: The core is the portable locomotive station radio, it finishes the identification and display of shunting operation instructions. The peripheral equipment includes a driver transmitter, shunting operation sheets display terminal, light box, and external speakers.

Fixed equipment: The core is the shunting area master radio, solve the contact problem between the shunting area master and the shunting crew.

Mobile equipment: It includes shunter handset and brakeman handset. Shunting staff mainly send the shunting operation instructions to locomotives to direct locomotive actions, and could also communicate with locomotive drivers and shunting crew members.


Block diagram of plane shunting system