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Dispatching command wireless transmission system

1.System overview:

    Dispatching command (including dispatching command, running token, shunting operation notice and preliminary route information) wireless transmission system is an important part of DMIS. It makes dispatching command transmission by full use of the existing wireless channel, thus achieving the direct transmission to the running trains, sending the preliminary route information to the running trains in the unattended section of the dispatching centralized station.
    The locomotives display the received information and print it if necessary. The construction of this system provides an effective means to modernize railway transportation management and enhance the transportation efficiency.

2.System composition:

    The dispatching command wireless transmission system consists of DMIS equipment, wireless train dispatching equipment, DMIS data receiving decoder ( hereinafter referred to as “decoder” ), locomotive operation safety monitoring and recording device ( hereinafter referred to as monitoring device ), DMIS locomotive data acquisition encoder (hereinafter referred to as “ encoder”), dispatching command transmission station adapter (hereinafter referred to as “adapter”), dispatching command locomotive device ( including MMI, printer, hereinafter referred to as “locomotive device” ), and etc.

    The dispatching office utilizes the existing DMIS equipment of sub-bureaus.

    The stations utilize the station's existing DMIS equipment, station radios and decoders, adapters are added.

    The Locomotives utilize the existing locomotive radios, monitoring devices,encoders,and the locomotive devices are added. Figure as shown as below:


    1.  Dispatcher station

    2.  DMIS Switchboard

    3.  DMIS station equipment

    4.  Station adapter

    5.  Station radio

    6.  DMIS Data receiving decoder

    7.  Locomotive radio

    8.  locomotive device

    9.  TAX 2

   3.System function: 

    (1)    Dispatchers send dispatching commands to the running trains within their jurisdictions.

    (2)    Station attendants send the information of running token ( road tickets, red permits, green permits, etc. ) to the running trains within their jurisdictions.

    (3)    Automatically send the route signal for receiving to the running trains within the jurisdiction.

    (4)    The locomotive devices send shunting requests to stations.

    (5)    The locomotive devices send automatic confirmations and receipt to the sender terminal.

    (6)    DMIS equipment and locomotive devices have the function to store dispatching commands and record operating procedures.

    (7)    The system terminal with the function of voice-prompt.