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DMIS Wireless Train Number Checking System

1.System overview:

   DMIS wireless train number checking system can check the train number of the running trains in real time and truly reflect the trains’ running position and other informs . It is an important means to organize traffic command timely and effectively and improve railway transportation automation and transportation efficiency.

2.System composition:                                                                                  The composition of wireless train number system, as shown in the figure:

        Integrated detector for locomotive safety information ( TAX box )
        Locomotive data acquisition encoder
        wireless dispatching cab radio

        DMIS data receiving decoder
        Dispatching (supervision) extension
        Dispatching (supervisor) switchboard


Composition diagram of wireless train number system

3.System function:

   The function of the system is to send the information such as train number, locomotive number, running speed and train location to the specified station via locomotives at the specified location, then the stations or dispatching center will complete the work of train number check. Thereby the reliable continuous track of running train number by DMIS will be achieved.