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Shuohuang LTE Protable Handset

Huawei eLTE: the world's first LTE network for heavy-duty railways (25,000 thousand tons)


Joint development and application:

Together with Huawei, 712 jointly developed the eLTE protable handset and applied it to all the railway of Shuohuang.


Customer requirements:

•    Efficient multi - locomotive synchronous control

•    Video monitoring & train status monitoring to ensure safe operation


•    Frequency band 1.8g, an eLTE network for multi-locomotive synchronous control, tail control, voice and video monitoring

•    High reliability: 2 pieces of 5MHz network redundancy coverage to ensure stable and reliable operation

•    Low delay ensures multi - locomotive synchronous control

Customer value:

•    Green, safe, efficient and digital heavy - duty railway

•    Capacity per vehicle increased from 5,000 tons to 20,000 tons, and annual capacity increased from 234 million tons to 350 million tons, a growth rate of more than 50%