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Aqua Railway Project in Nigeria

    So far, our company has delivered numbers of train radio dispatching communication equipments for overseas projects. Our technicians and engineers have rich experience of work in overseas site. They well cooperated with the contractors for installation supervision, opened debugging, technical training, final acceptance and putting into use of the train radio dispatching communication system.

    Overseas construction site conditions are tough, climate is bad, and multiple infectious diseases such as malaria, the plague. The staff of our company work in such a tough environment, keep working conscientiously to actively cooperate with contractor's work, received a higher evaluation and praise.

    When our technical staffs were servicing for aqua railway project in Nigeria, there Nigeria's presidential election and the workers' strike happened. The political situation is very disordered, and malignant events such as kidnappings, conflicts, kills occurred every day in the local. Our technical staffs fully listen to the command from total package party, accompanied by armed police, to debug the train radio dispatching communication equipments for each station, until the project was put into use smoothly. Their work attitude is serious and responsible, and appraised by the business owners.